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Fungicides,Rallis (A TATA Enterprise),Tata Rallis Fungicides Tata M-45 (500 gm)

Tata Rallis Fungicides Tata M-45 (500 gm)

  Tata M-45 is based on Mencozeb 75% a.i. It is recommended for Brown/Black rust of Wheat, Blast of Paddy, Damping-off of chillies and other fungal diseases of various field crops.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Cheminova,Cheminova Insecticide Classic 20

Cheminova Insecticide Classic 20

Chlorpyriphos is a non systemic broad spectrum organophosphorus insecticide with contact stomach and respiratory action.  It controls coleoptera, diptera, homoptera and Lepidoptera in soil and on foliage in over large number of crops including rice, cotton, oilseeds, pulses, vegetables and plantation.  Chlorpyriphos falls under toxicity Class II by WHO (ai) and EPA (formulation). Chlorpyriphos is registered in many countries.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Cheminova,Cheminova Insecticide Lucid-75 (500 gm)

Cheminova Insecticide Lucid-75 (500 gm)

Acephate primarily controls sucking pests like aphids, jassids, white fly and bollworms in cotton and many other crops. Acephate treated crops are also protected from viral diseases, usually transmitted by sucking pests. There has been no report of resistance since inception. In many countries, Acephate is being used alternatively with synthetic pyrethroid for resistance management programs.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Cheminova,Cheminova Insecticide Chemida (250 ml)

Cheminova Insecticide Chemida (250 ml)

Imidacloprid primarily controls sucking pests in cotton, rice, oil seeds and vegetables, chilli, mango, sugarcane and plantation, like tea, coffee and cardamom.  Imidacloprid is used as a seed dressing, as soil treatment and as folier treatment in different crops
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Cheminova,Cheminova Insecticide Trifos-40 (250 ml)

Cheminova Insecticide Trifos-40 (250 ml)

Triazophos primarily controls sucking and chewing insects in cotton, rice, oil seeds and vegetables, fruits and plantation, like tea, coffee and cardamom. In spite of being non-systemic, Triazophos can penetrate deeply in the plant tissues due to its translaminar properties and can effectively control leaf miner. There has been no report of resistance since inception and has been recommended for use in resistance management program
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Cheminova,Cheminova Insecticide Splendour (250 ml)

Cheminova Insecticide Splendour (250 ml)

Thiacloprid, a new chloronicotinyl insecticide, is targeted to control sucking and biting insects in cotton, rice, vegetables, pome fruit, sugar beet, potatoes and ornamentals. Pests controlled include aphids, whitefly, beetles and lepidoptera such as leaf miners. It acts as acute contact and stomach poison, with systemic action. It disrupts the nervous system by acting as an inhibitor at nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.
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Fungicides,Cheminova,Cheminova Fungicides Blast-Off (120 gm)

Cheminova Fungicides Blast-Off (120 gm)

BLAST-OFF® is a systemic fungicide absorbed rapidly by the roots and foliage and translocated within the plant. It controls rice blast, in transplanted and direct seeded rice.  Can be applied as a drench, root soak, foliar application and a seed treatment. Non phytotoxic if used as directed. Compatible with many other pesticides. Toxicity Class II as per WHO (ai) and EPA (formulation)
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Herbicides,Cheminova,Cheminova Herbicides Glyfos (1 ltr)

Cheminova Herbicides Glyfos (1 ltr)

GLYFOS is a non selective systemic herbicide absorbed by actively growing foilage which is rapidly translocated through out the plant and thereby killing the plants from roots.  It controls a wide range of annual and perennial grases and broad leaved weeds by application as pre-emergence, post emergence and pre-harvest in cereals, tea & oilseeds.  Also used as industrial weed control and acquatic herbicide. 
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Adama,Adama Insecticide Pedestal (1 ltr)

Adama Insecticide Pedestal (1 ltr)

PEDESTAL, based on the active ingredient Novaluron, is a novel benzoylphenylurea insecticide active against larvae of insects of the orders Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Homoptera and Diptera. CROP PESTS Cotton -American Bollworm Cabbage- Diamond back moth Tomato- Fruit borer Chilli- Fruit borer, Tobacco caterpillar Bengal gram- Pod borer
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Adama,Adama Insecticide Tapuz (1 kg)

Adama Insecticide Tapuz (1 kg)

Tapuz is an unique combination product with two different modes of action. Tapuz is an effective pre-mix of Buprofezin and Acephate. Buprofezin belongs to the Thiadiazin chemistry and Acephate belongs to the largest Organo phosphorus group. Crop              Insect Pest Paddy           Brown Plant Hopper white Backed Plant Hopp
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Fungicides,Adama,Adama Fungicide Orius (1 ltr)

Adama Fungicide Orius (1 ltr)

ORIUS is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide from the triazole group, with protective, curative and eradicant action. ORIUS is one of the most effective triazoles for the control of diseases in cereals, especially yellow and brown rusts, Fusarium spp. and Septoria spp. ORIUS is very effective in the control of Alternaria in potatoes and beans, Cercospora in peanuts, Sigatoka in bananas, powdery mildew in grapes, orchards and vegetables.
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Fungicides,Adama,Adama Fungicide Bumper (1 ltr)

Adama Fungicide Bumper (1 ltr)

BUMPER is a systemic foliar fungicide of the triazole group, with protective and curative action. BUMPER has broad spectrum activity against a wide range of fungal diseases of wheat, barley, rye, oats, rice, maize, grass, turf, banana, coffee, pecan, sugarcane, beets, stone fruits, peanuts and ornamentals. BUMPER is of low mammalian toxicity and does not affect honeybees, beneficial insects or wildlife.
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