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Fungicides,Syngenta,Syngenta Fungicide Ridomil Gold

Syngenta Fungicide Ridomil Gold

Chemical Composition: Metalaxyl M4 + Mancozeb 64 % Ridomil Gold is a specific fungicide for control of oomycetes fungi (e.g. late blight and downy mildew diseases). Can be applied to foliage, soil or as a seed treatment. Key crops: potatoes, grapes, tobacco, vegetables, citrus, tomato, turf and ornamentals.
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Fungicides,Biostadt,Biostadt Fungicide Innovet

Biostadt Fungicide Innovet

Good dispersion, thus easy to mix with water - increasing the oil content of seeds. Improving starch content of tubers - Improving baking quality of wheat. Useful base for a disease control programme - No dust hence safe to the applicator. Ensures efficient utilization of plant essential nutrients. Allow crops to benefit through the full growth cycle.
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Fungicides,Biostadt,Biostadt Fungicide Omycin

Biostadt Fungicide Omycin

World Class molecule supplied by Japanese Company. Lowest residual efficacy. Broad spectrum activity. Strong systemic as well as translocation activity. Specially recommended in fruiting vegetables.
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Fungicides,Biostadt,Biostadt Fungicide Intop

Biostadt Fungicide Intop

Shows a unique combination of preventive, curative & systemic properties. Excellent control of leaf and canopy defoliation of fruit crops during non bearing years of new planting and on the nursery stock. It can be used additionally as a wound protectant for pruning cuts on trees. Highly effective in controlling a number of fungal diseases with specialized management for selected pathogens.
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Fungicides,Biostadt,Biostadt Fungicide Incom

Biostadt Fungicide Incom

INCOM is a wettable powder formulation with unique broad spectrum systemic & contact fungicide with protective & curative action. Because of dual effect of Mancozeb (12%) and Carbendazim (63%) combination, it provides excellent disease control for various important diseases on number of crops.
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Fungicides,Biostadt,Biostadt Fungicide Redeem

Biostadt Fungicide Redeem

Available in several formulations for your different needs in the farm, starting from Redeem 800 WP, Redeem 750 WDG, Redeem 420 SC, and now Redeem 600 OS Broad spectrum protectant fungicide that controls almost all major fungal diseases. No resistance reported.
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Fungicides,Biostadt,Biostadt Fungicide Cygnet

Biostadt Fungicide Cygnet

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Fungicides,Biostadt,Biostadt Fungicide Redeem 800 wp (250 gm)

Biostadt Fungicide Redeem 800 wp (250 gm)

Effective in almost all major diseases in most crops. No resistance reported. Provides micronutrients such as Zinc and Manganese.
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Fungicides,Dow AgroScience,Dow Agro Fungicide Dithane*M45

Dow Agro Fungicide Dithane*M45

It is a protective fungicide registered for the control of many fungal diseases, (blight, leafspot, rust, downy mildew, scab, leaf blight, anthracnose) in field crops, fruits, nuts, vegetables, spices and condiments. Details about use recommendations and dosages can be obtained from the product label.
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Fungicides,Syngenta,Syngenta Fungicide Blue Copper

Syngenta Fungicide Blue Copper

Chemical Composition: Copper oxychloride 50WP Blue Copper is a Broad spectrum contact fungicide and is used on major fruits and vegetables for the control of Leaf Spot, Early and Late Blight, Canker etc.
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Fungicides,Dow AgroScience,Dow Agro Fungicide Beam*

Dow Agro Fungicide Beam*

Tricyclazole is a systemic and protective fungicide for the control of rice blast. Beam as a preventive spray does not allow fungus to establish by preventing its entry into the plant system. It is rapidly absorbed by rice leaves and roots and is translocated toward the leaf tip which suggests xylem transport. There is also movement from a treated leaf to non-treated younger leaves. There is also movement from treated leaves to non-treated young leaves.
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Fungicides,Dhanuka,Dhanuka Fungicide Vitavax

Dhanuka Fungicide Vitavax

Vitavax Ultra FF is the first liquid, dual action (Systemic & Contact) seed treatment fungicide in the country. It is a broad spectrum systemic (Carboxin) and contact (Thiram) fungicide for the control of both seed and soil borne diseases. It spreads rapidly and due to its adhesive quality gives uniform long lasting coating to the seed. It does not separate from seed while handling and at the time of sowing
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