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Insecticides/Pesticides,Dhanuka,Dhanuka Insecticide Aaatank

Dhanuka Insecticide Aaatank

Chemical Composition: Carbosulfan 25% EC Aaatank is a world renowned insecticide which gives effective control of insects by its dual contact and stomach poison action. It gives effective control for longer period against shoot and fruit borers and aphids. Used in recommended dose has no adverse effect on crops.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Nagarjuna Agrichem,Nagarjuna Insecticide Profex Super

Nagarjuna Insecticide Profex Super

Profex Super is a combination product for the control of bollworm complex. It has strong contact, stomach and ovicidal action. It is having excellent translaminar action, when sprayed on the upper surface of leaf, it immediately percolates down to lower surface of the leaf. Crop       Common Name of the Pest Cotton    Boll worm Complex
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Dhanuka,Dhanuka Insecticide Ghatak

Dhanuka Insecticide Ghatak

Ghatak is a popular insecticide of Triazo organophosphate group. Ghatak controls the defoliators and sucking insect pests by its contact and stomach action.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Rallis (A TATA Enterprise),Tata Rallis Insecticide Asataf

Tata Rallis Insecticide Asataf

Chemical Composition: 75% SP formulation of Acephate Asataf is a versatile organophosphate insecticide with both contact and systemic action. It is particularly effective on severe infestations of sucking and chewing insects of tobacco, sugarcane, cotton, chillies, vegetables, fruits and cereals. It has low toxicity to mammals and does not harm beneficial insects. It is easy to use, being soluble in water.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Cheminova,Cheminova  Insecticide Rogor

Cheminova Insecticide Rogor

Rogor is a contact & systemic organophosphate insecticide providing quick knockdown used to manage insect pests such as bug, stem borer, shoot fly, aphids, thrips, beetles etc.  It controls many biting, rasping and sucking pests in fruit and vegetable crops, cotton, oil seed crops etc
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Syngenta,Syngenta Insecticide Proclaim

Syngenta Insecticide Proclaim

Chemical Composition: Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG Product Overview : When damaging lepidopteran pests threaten crops, why depend on less than the world’s most powerful active ingredient? Proclaim® insecticide offers long-lasting protection without having to worry about harming beneficials. This excellent control covers tough pests – like armyworms, pinworms, diamondback moths, fruitworms and leafrollers among others.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Syngenta,Syngenta Insecticide Cigna

Syngenta Insecticide Cigna

CIGNA is a Naturally originated insecticide having powerful control at low use rates of Key lepidopteron pests on variety of crops.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Syngenta,Syngenta Insecticide Pegasus

Syngenta Insecticide Pegasus

Chemical Composition: Diafenthiuron 50 WP Pegasus is a specialty research based insecticide for the excellent control of white fly nymphs and mites. The active ingredient, diafenthurion, offers a unique mode of action that controls resistant populations. The product offers strong translaminar and gas action, with the result that insects on the lower leaf surface, not sprayed directly with the product, are also controlled.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Syngenta,Syngenta Insecticide Matador

Syngenta Insecticide Matador

Chemical Composition: Lambda-cyhalothrin Matador® protects from insect damage that can rob you of yield and quality. Works on contact as well as through residual activity on treated foliage or soil, and through ingestion, for up to seven days after application. For the control of insects on oilseeds, cereals, pasture, tree fruit, strawberries, tobacco, potatoes, tomatoes, head lettuce, leeks, legume vegetables, bulb vegetables, and greenhouse lettuce.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Rallis (A TATA Enterprise),Tata Rallis Insecticide Applaud

Tata Rallis Insecticide Applaud

Buprofezin 25 SC It is Thiazine group contact insecticide. Applaud is an IGR effective on Homopterous pests such as plant hoppers, Leaf hoppers, White Flies, Scales and Mealy Bugs. Its an IPM compatible product. Less adverse effect on natural enemies and beneficial insects.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Rallis (A TATA Enterprise),Tata Rallis Insecticide Cartox G

Tata Rallis Insecticide Cartox G

Cartap Hydrochloride G Cartox G is a granule based insecticide which contains Cartap Hydrochloride 4% G which is efficient for controlling Stem Borer,Leaf Folder and Whorl Maggot of Rice.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Rallis (A TATA Enterprise),Tata Rallis Insecticide Jashn (250 ml)

Tata Rallis Insecticide Jashn (250 ml)

Profenophos 50% EC It belongs to a group called Organophosphate. It controls wide range of harmful chewing and sucking insects. It is a proven ovicide. It effectively controls the Aphids, Jassids, Thrips, White fly and Boll worms. Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1 Lt & 5 Lts.
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