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Insecticides/Pesticides,Nagarjuna Agrichem,Nagarjuna Insecticide Profex Super

Nagarjuna Insecticide Profex Super

Profex Super is a combination product for the control of bollworm complex. It has strong contact, stomach and ovicidal action. It is having excellent translaminar action, when sprayed on the upper surface of leaf, it immediately percolates down to lower surface of the leaf. Crop       Common Name of the Pest Cotton    Boll worm Complex
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Dhanuka,Dhanuka Insecticide Caldan 50 SP

Dhanuka Insecticide Caldan 50 SP

Chemical Composition: Cartap Hydrochloride 50% SP Caldan is an insecticide of Nereistoxin analogue group, which gives effective control of insects through its contact, systemic and stomach action. It controls all stages of insect e.g. eggs, larvae and adults and has the ability to control biting, chewing and sucking type of insects. Compatible with other insecticides and fungicides, completely safe for human beings, crops and environment.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Dhanuka,Dhanuka Insecticide Aaatank

Dhanuka Insecticide Aaatank

Chemical Composition: Carbosulfan 25% EC Aaatank is a world renowned insecticide which gives effective control of insects by its dual contact and stomach poison action. It gives effective control for longer period against shoot and fruit borers and aphids. Used in recommended dose has no adverse effect on crops.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Dhanuka,Dhanuka Insecticide One Up

Dhanuka Insecticide One Up

Oneup is a naturally derived insecticide of Macrocyclic lactone spinosyn group, which controls all stages of caterpillars by its contact and stomach action.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Dhanuka,Dhanuka Insecticide Markar

Dhanuka Insecticide Markar

Markar is a world renowned, new generation, broad spectrum insecticide of Pyrethroid ester group.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Rallis (A TATA Enterprise),Tata Rallis Insecticide Asataf

Tata Rallis Insecticide Asataf

Chemical Composition: 75% SP formulation of Acephate Asataf is a versatile organophosphate insecticide with both contact and systemic action. It is particularly effective on severe infestations of sucking and chewing insects of tobacco, sugarcane, cotton, chillies, vegetables, fruits and cereals. It has low toxicity to mammals and does not harm beneficial insects. It is easy to use, being soluble in water.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Rallis (A TATA Enterprise),Rallis Insecticide Tata Mida SL

Rallis Insecticide Tata Mida SL

Tatamida SL is a 17.8% SL formulation of Imidachloprid. Tatamida belongs to the modern Neonicotinoisd group of insecticides. It a remarkably high systemic activity against Homopteran insects like Aphids, Whiteflies, Hoppers etc. tatamida is recommended for control of Aphids, Jassids, Thrips and Whiteflies in Cotton, Brown Plant Hoppers, White Backed Plant Hoppers and Green Leaf Hoppers in Rice, Jassids, aphids and thrips in Chilli, Hoppers in Mango and Termites in Sugarcane. Long duration con
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Godrej,Godrej Insecticide Theron

Godrej Insecticide Theron

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Insecticides/Pesticides,Godrej,Godrej Insecticide Tatkal

Godrej Insecticide Tatkal

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Insecticides/Pesticides,Godrej,Godrej Insecticide Satisfy

Godrej Insecticide Satisfy

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Insecticides/Pesticides,Godrej,Godrej Insecticide Harina

Godrej Insecticide Harina

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Insecticides/Pesticides,Cheminova,Cheminova Insecticide Nurocombi

Cheminova Insecticide Nurocombi

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