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Fungicides,Syngenta,Syngenta Fungicide Amistar

Syngenta Fungicide Amistar

Chemical Composition: Azoxystrobin 23.1% w/w AMISTAR is a suspension concentrate containing 250 g/litre of azoxystrobin. It is a broad-spectrum fungicide for the control of a wide range of diseases in Barley, Grapes, Maize, Onions, Peas, Potatoes, Sweetcorn, Tomatoes and Wheat. It has systemic, translaminar and protectant properties.
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Fungicides,Syngenta,Syngenta Fungicide Score

Syngenta Fungicide Score

Chemical Composition: Difenconazole 25% EC SCORE fungicide controls Leaf Spots on Carrots, Ring Spot on horticultural Brassicas, Early Blight on Potatoes and Stemphylium Leaf Spot on Asparagus. It provides a high level of activity against a wide range of plant pathogenic Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes including species of Alternaria, Septoria, Cercosporidium, Venturia, Powdery Mildews and several seed borne plant pathogenic fungi.
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Fungicides,Syngenta,Syngenta Fungicide Ridomil Gold

Syngenta Fungicide Ridomil Gold

Chemical Composition: Metalaxyl M4 + Mancozeb 64 % Ridomil Gold is a specific fungicide for control of oomycetes fungi (e.g. late blight and downy mildew diseases). Can be applied to foliage, soil or as a seed treatment. Key crops: potatoes, grapes, tobacco, vegetables, citrus, tomato, turf and ornamentals.
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Fungicides,Syngenta,Syngenta Fungicide Tilt

Syngenta Fungicide Tilt

Highly effective broad spectrum systemic fungicide. It controls a wide range of Ascomycetes, Basiodiomycetes, Deuteromycetes including important diseases such as Powdery Mildews, Kernal Bunt, Rusts and Leaf Spots occuring in Wheat, Rice, Tea, Groundnut etc
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Fungicides,Syngenta,Syngenta Fungicide Blue Copper

Syngenta Fungicide Blue Copper

Chemical Composition: Copper oxychloride 50WP Blue Copper is a Broad spectrum contact fungicide and is used on major fruits and vegetables for the control of Leaf Spot, Early and Late Blight, Canker etc.
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Herbicides,Syngenta,Syngenta Herbicide Rifit

Syngenta Herbicide Rifit

Rifit 50 EC is a pre-emergence herbicide for control of grasses, sedges and some broad leaf weeds in transplanted Rice. No adverse effect like stunting or yellowing of crop, rather gives greening effect to the crop. It belongs to chemical class, Chloroacetanilide. Time of Application : 0 to 5 day after transplanting. Water management is very important. Spray Rifit evenly in to standing water & hold the water for 2-3 days after treatment. Dose : 400-600 ml / acre.
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Herbicides,Syngenta,Syngenta Herbicide Gramoxone

Syngenta Herbicide Gramoxone

Gramoxone 24 SL is a leading non-selective post emergence fast acting contact herbicide. It contains ‘Paraquate Dichloride’. It acts in presences of light & desiccate green plant parts. Site of action is in the chloroplasts. Unique benefits ~ quick kill, controls wide spectrum of weeds, rain fast, inactivated on contact with soil, prevents soil erosion and cost effective. Dose : 500 ml / acre.
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Herbicides,Syngenta,Syngenta Herbicide Topik

Syngenta Herbicide Topik

TOPIK® offers excellent efficacy on most grass weeds in wheat.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Syngenta,Syngenta Insecticide Pegasus

Syngenta Insecticide Pegasus

Chemical Composition: Diafenthiuron 50 WP Pegasus is a specialty research based insecticide for the excellent control of white fly nymphs and mites. The active ingredient, diafenthurion, offers a unique mode of action that controls resistant populations. The product offers strong translaminar and gas action, with the result that insects on the lower leaf surface, not sprayed directly with the product, are also controlled.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Syngenta,Syngenta Insecticide Matador

Syngenta Insecticide Matador

Chemical Composition: Lambda-cyhalothrin Matador® protects from insect damage that can rob you of yield and quality. Works on contact as well as through residual activity on treated foliage or soil, and through ingestion, for up to seven days after application. For the control of insects on oilseeds, cereals, pasture, tree fruit, strawberries, tobacco, potatoes, tomatoes, head lettuce, leeks, legume vegetables, bulb vegetables, and greenhouse lettuce.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Rallis (A TATA Enterprise),Tata Rallis Insecticide Applaud

Tata Rallis Insecticide Applaud

Buprofezin 25 SC It is Thiazine group contact insecticide. Applaud is an IGR effective on Homopterous pests such as plant hoppers, Leaf hoppers, White Flies, Scales and Mealy Bugs. Its an IPM compatible product. Less adverse effect on natural enemies and beneficial insects.
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Insecticides/Pesticides,Rallis (A TATA Enterprise),Tata Rallis Insecticide Cartox G

Tata Rallis Insecticide Cartox G

Cartap Hydrochloride G Cartox G is a granule based insecticide which contains Cartap Hydrochloride 4% G which is efficient for controlling Stem Borer,Leaf Folder and Whorl Maggot of Rice.
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