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Cabbage,Seminis (Monsanto),Seminis Cabbage Seed Saint

Seminis Cabbage Seed Saint

Fruit Colour: Bluish green  Related Maturity / Picking: 60 - 65 days   Fruit Size: 1.25 to 1.5kg
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Cabbage,Welcome Crop Science,Welcome Cabbage Seed Dollar

Welcome Cabbage Seed Dollar

Round, compact head, maturity 55-60 days after transplanting. Good for fresh and long market 
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Cabbage,Ankur Seeds,Ankur Cabbage Seed Manas

Ankur Cabbage Seed Manas

Round, compact with short core length and bluish green colour head. Marketable size head 1.1-1.5kg in 65-75 days after transplanting.
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Cabbage,Seminis (Monsanto),Seminis Cabbage Seed Green Voyager

Seminis Cabbage Seed Green Voyager

Maturity : 60 to 65 days Head Colour : Bluish Green Field Holding : 15 to 20 days Head Weight : 1.4 to 2.0 kg Head Shape : Round Internal Structure : Excellent
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Cabbage,Nunhems,Nunhems Cabbage Seed Yash

Nunhems Cabbage Seed Yash

Medium large plant frame of bluish-green colour leaves. 65-70 days maturity from transplanting. Round to high round heads of 1.0 -1.2 kgs average weight. Field holding capacity of 15-20 days after maturity.
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