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Cucumber,Ankur Seeds,Ankur Cucumber Seed Ankur-07

Ankur Cucumber Seed Ankur-07

Fast growing variety Whitish green color 4-5 cm in width and 14-16 cm in length First picking 40 - 45days after sowing. Excellent transportability.
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Cucumber,Welcome Crop Science,Welcome Cucumber Seed Shantala

Welcome Cucumber Seed Shantala

Fruit Colour: White Fruit Length: 20-22 cm Fruit weight: 200-220 gm Highly vigorous plants with uniform fruits
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Cucumber,Amar Seeds,Amar Cucumber Seed Dharwad Green

Amar Cucumber Seed Dharwad Green

Excellent and Fresh High value Long shelf life Delicious taste
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Cucumber,JK Seeds,JK Seeds Cucumber Seed Sneha

JK Seeds Cucumber Seed Sneha

Early maturity and vigorous vine growth A very high yielding gynaecious pickling hybrid produces dark green, blocky fruits
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Cucumber,East West Seeds,East West Cucumber Seed Kamini 017

East West Cucumber Seed Kamini 017

Plant : Strong vigour with more side branches. Fruit Colour: Attractive light green  Fruit Length:  18 - 22 cm length. Fruit Weight: 1
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Cucumber,Seminis (Monsanto),Seminis Cucumber Seed Malini

Seminis Cucumber Seed Malini

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Cucumber,Ankur Seeds,Ankur Cucumber Seed Hybrid Ragini

Ankur Cucumber Seed Hybrid Ragini

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Cucumber,U S Agri (Nunhems),U S Agri Cucumber Seed US 800

U S Agri Cucumber Seed US 800

1000 seeds in 25 gm packet Maturity: 55-60 days
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