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Okra (Bhindi),Ankur Seeds,Ankur Okra Seed 2338

Ankur Okra Seed 2338

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Okra (Bhindi),Syngenta,Syngenta Okra( Bhendi) Seed OH-102

Syngenta Okra( Bhendi) Seed OH-102

Plant: Medium tall plant with good vigor and deep cut leaves.
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Okra (Bhindi),Mahyco,Mahyco Okra (Bhendi) Seed MAHY 55

Mahyco Okra (Bhendi) Seed MAHY 55

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Okra (Bhindi),Mahyco,Mahyco Okra (Bhendi) Seed EXP Hy 1

Mahyco Okra (Bhendi) Seed EXP Hy 1

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Okra (Bhindi),Rasi Seeds,Rasi Okra (Bhindi) Seed Sahiba

Rasi Okra (Bhindi) Seed Sahiba

PLANT: Medium Tall with good branching and short internode. FRUIT: Glossy, Dark Green, Smooth. Ready for harvest in 45-48 days. High resistance to yellow Vein Mosaic Virus (YVMV)
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Okra (Bhindi),Mahyco,Mahyco Okra Seed Bhindi 10

Mahyco Okra Seed Bhindi 10

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Okra (Bhindi),Mahyco,Mahyco Okra Seed MAHY 28

Mahyco Okra Seed MAHY 28

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Okra (Bhindi),Ankur Seeds,Ankur Okra Seed Kimaya

Ankur Okra Seed Kimaya

Erect growth habit with 2-3 branches. Fruits: attractive Dark Green in colour, elongated, cylindrical, shiny and slender. Fruit size: medium, length between 11.5-12.0 cm. Fruit weigh: 11.5-12.0 gm. Good keeping quality. First picking starts from 49-51 days after sowing.
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Okra (Bhindi),Ankur Seeds,Ankur Okra Seed Lucky

Ankur Okra Seed Lucky

Strong tall plant growth with short internodes and good branching. Fruits are cylindrical, slender , attractive, dark green in colour. Picking starts from 50-52 days after sowing. High yielding potential. Very good keeping quality. Tolerant to YVMV.
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Okra (Bhindi),Namdhari Seeds,Namdhari Okra Seed NS 531

Namdhari Okra Seed NS 531

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