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Radish,Ankur Seeds,Ankur Radish Chandni (50 gm)

Ankur Radish Chandni (50 gm)

Early Maturity. Ready to harvest in 40-45 days. Roots smooth and white and Root length 10-12 inch and heavy. Good field holding capacity.  Excellent transportation quality.
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Radish,Ankur Seeds,Ankur Radish Chetaki (50 gm)

Ankur Radish Chetaki (50 gm)

 Roots are pure white, 12.5- 13 cm in diameter and around 20 cm long.  Stumpy, tender and smooth.  Mild pungency  Matures in 40 – 45 days.  High yield potential.  
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Radish,VNR Seeds,VNR Radish Pusa Chetaki (50 gm)

VNR Radish Pusa Chetaki (50 gm)

Sowing Period 1: February - October Seed Quantity per Acre:               200 - Gms Colour: Attractive White
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Radish,VNR Seeds,VNR Radish F1 H White Long (50 gm)

VNR Radish F1 H White Long (50 gm)

First Harvest:     40 - 45 Days       Size:       Length: 25 - 31 cms Weight:                600 - 750 Gms Early maturity hybrid Roots can stay in the soil for long period after maturity
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