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Chilli,Amar Seeds,Amar Chilli Seed Sangam

Amar Chilli Seed Sangam

Fruit Colour and Length: Shiny dark green & red and is 4-5 inches long. Resistant to wilt and viral diseases, suitable for cultivation in all seasons.
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Chilli,Mahyco,Mahyco Chilli Seed Teja 4

Mahyco Chilli Seed Teja 4

Fruit colour (Immature, Mature) – Dark Green, Red Fruit length: 9 -10 cm
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Cauliflower,United Phosphorus,Golden Cauliflower seeds F1 BASANTI 956

Golden Cauliflower seeds F1 BASANTI 956

Early maturing, ready in 50 to 52 days after transplantation Curd: dome shaped, compact, creamy white Average weight: 800 g- 1 kg
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Cauliflower,Syngenta,Syngenta Cauliflower Seed Kimaya

Syngenta Cauliflower Seed Kimaya

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Cauliflower,Tokita Seeds ,Tokita Seed Cauliflower Fujiyama

Tokita Seed Cauliflower Fujiyama

Vigourous medium group tropical to sub-tropical hybrid, with bluish green leaves Curd:
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Bitter Gourd (Karela),U S Agri (Nunhems),U S Agri Bitter Gourd Seed US 6214

U S Agri Bitter Gourd Seed US 6214

Maturity 1st Harvest: 65-70 Days Fruit Colour: Shiny, Dark Green Fruit Length: 18-20 cm Fruit Weight: 110-120 gm
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Chilli,Seminis (Monsanto),Seminis Chilli Seed Sitara Gold

Seminis Chilli Seed Sitara Gold

Chilli is a tropical and sub-tropical plant Suitable Climate: Warm, humid yet dry weather.Temperature range of 20⁰-25⁰C Soil:  black soil which retains moisture, well-drained sandy loam with rich organic content.  Soil pH:  Neutral soil pH between 6.5 and 7.5 
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Cauliflower,Syngenta,Syngenta Cauliflower Seed CFL -1522

Syngenta Cauliflower Seed CFL -1522

Vigourous, White Curd, Good Yield
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Tomato,Amar Seeds,Amar Tomato Seed Panchali 7771

Amar Tomato Seed Panchali 7771

Fruits are dark, shiny, oval and grow in bunches of 5 Plant is resistant to Verticillum and Fusarium wilt Yield is about 25 to 30 tonnes per acre Suitable for cultivation in all seasons
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Bitter Gourd (Karela),East West Seeds,East West Bitter Gourd Seed Palee F1

East West Bitter Gourd Seed Palee F1

Maturity: 48 -53 days Colour: Dark Green Length: 20 - 25 cm Diameter: 5-6 cm Long dark green, Nice shape, Semi spined, Extremely high yielding A well known hybrid that has an excellent combination of good vigour and earliness. Fruits are medium long with moderate but rather thick spines, which result in less damage during transport
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Tomato,Namdhari Seeds,Namdhari Tomato Seed NS 501 (6H 81)

Namdhari Tomato Seed NS 501 (6H 81)

Hybrid type: Bacterial Wilt Tolerant Hybrids Plant habit: Determinate Maturity: Early Shoulder Color: light green Fruit weight (g): 80-90 Fruit shape: square round Disease tolerance: Bacterial Wilt, tomato leaf curl virus Remarks: high yield
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Tomato,JK Seeds,JK Seeds Tomato Seed JK 811

JK Seeds Tomato Seed JK 811

Oval shaped, firm, thick skin.  Deep red colour after ripening. Fruit weights 90-100 g (Avg.). First harvesting starts 68-70 days after transplanting. Highly tolerant to leaf curl virus disease. Special feature :    High Level of  ToLCV tolerance.    Fruits are very firm and excellent  for distant transportation.    Suited for summer season of Central & South India.
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