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Broccoli,Sakata ,Sakata Broccoli Seed Green Magic

Sakata Broccoli Seed Green Magic

Green Magic is in the mid-early maturity class and has wide adaptability. It has a semi-domed, tight head with medium-small bead size and a good plant habit. Colour: Blue Green, Plant height : medium
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Tomato,Clause Seeds ,Clause Tomato Seed Rishika 225 F1

Clause Tomato Seed Rishika 225 F1

Very good foliar disease tolerance. High firmness & very uniform fruits. Adapted to long harvest.  
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Bactericides,Karnataka Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals Ltd,Karnataka Antibiotics Ltd Bactericide K-Cycline

Karnataka Antibiotics Ltd Bactericide K-Cycline

Chemical Composition : Streptomycin Sulphate      I.P  90% w/w                                           Tetrcycline Hydrochloride I.P  10% w/w
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Fruits,Known-You Seeds,Known You Muskmelon Bobby

Known You Muskmelon Bobby

Fruit is globe to short oblong in shape, buff-yellow rind with fine netting and weighs about 0.8-1.2kg. The flesh is pale green, soft and sweet with sugar content about 16-19% with unique test.  Fruit does not slip off. It can be harvested 30-35 days after flowering.
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Marigold,East West Seeds,East West Marigold Seed Arrow Gold F1

East West Marigold Seed Arrow Gold F1

Plant : Bushy plant, 3 - 3.5 ft height, dense canopy with high flower setting Flower : Gold color, fully double petaled, very compact, 10 - 12 cm diameter Harvesting : 65 - 70 days after planting Season : Rainy, Winter & Early summer
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Marigold,Indus Seeds,Indus Marigold Seed Ashtagandha +

Indus Marigold Seed Ashtagandha +

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Tomato,Clause Seeds ,Clause Tomato Seed Alankar F1

Clause Tomato Seed Alankar F1

Excellent fruit quality, high yield, good performance under cool conditions  
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Cauliflower,Syngenta,Syngenta Cauliflower Seed Tetris

Syngenta Cauliflower Seed Tetris

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Colour Capsicum Seeds,Syngenta,Syngenta Capsicum Seed Indra

Syngenta Capsicum Seed Indra

Plant: Medium tall, bushy, having vigorous growth. Dark green leaves, dense foliage providing fruit shelter. 
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Colour Capsicum Seeds,Syngenta,Syngenta Capsicum Seed Bomby

Syngenta Capsicum Seed Bomby

Plant Strong, sturdy, tall plant which requires staking.  Early hybrid with good branching. 
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Sweet Corn,Syngenta,Syngenta Sweet Corn Seed Sugar 75

Syngenta Sweet Corn Seed Sugar 75

Features Plant height : 5 to 6 ft. Maturity : 78-85 days. 50% silking : 53-55 days. Population /ha : 55000-60000 Cob Colour : Yellow. Ear Length : 8.5 inch. Ear Diameter : 1.8 inch. No of rows : 14-16 of Kernels. Sugar % : 15-16 Brix
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Cabbage,Seminis (Monsanto),Seminis Cabbage Seed Saint

Seminis Cabbage Seed Saint

Fruit Colour: Bluish green  Related Maturity / Picking: 60 - 65 days   Fruit Size: 1.25 to 1.5kg
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Fungicides,BASF,Crystal Crop Protection Fungicide Bavistin (earlier BASF)

Crystal Crop Protection Fungicide Bavistin (earlier BASF)

Chemical Composition: 50% WP Carbendazim Bavistin is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide containing effective against a wide range of pathogenic fungi and is highly specific in its control of important plant pathogens on a variety of crops, omamental plants and plantation crops. Bavistin is absorbed by the plant and acts on fungal pathogen
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Fungicides,BASF,BASF Fungicide Cabrio Top

BASF Fungicide Cabrio Top

Cabrio Top fungicide for the control of early blight and late blight in potatoes. Cabrio Top works by combining two products effective on both diseases: Cabrio Top contains metiram, a multi-site EBDC fungicide that is also found in Polyram, and pyraclostrobin, a broad-spectrum strobilurin fungicide that is also the active ingredient found in Headline fungicide.
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Herbicides,Dow AgroScience,Dow Agro Herbicide Goal

Dow Agro Herbicide Goal

It is a selective herbicide readily absorbed by the foliage with very little translocation. It has sufficient margins of safety to mammals and other animals like fish and birds. It has a favorable environmental profile. It is registered as a selective pre- or post-emergence herbicide for the control of annual and broad-leaved weeds in several crops.
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